Got a thing for green …

I’ve always had a thing for green …

It’s a colour I adore, whatever the season, but as we embrace autumn it’s the deep rich, earthy shades of green that I really love!

Mohair round neck cardigan @Brora

Green can be a very warming and calming colour. Research has actually shown green to be refreshing, associated with calmness, tranquility and health. At a time when we are all feeling the affects of a turbulent year, colour can play a big part in lifting our mood. Whether it’s wearing it, surrounding ourselves with shades of it throughout our home or just getting outdoors and opening our eyes to nature’s green palette …

I’m finding that green really can brighten the gloomiest of autumn days…

So, what do we do to ensure we keep ourselves surrounded by colour throughout the autumn months? Well, I’ve been filling my home with faux flowers and it really does help to brighten the place up. With the odd colourful stem here and there, mixed in with some rich green foliage, colour is guaranteed – and you know it will be colour that lasts!

I spent the summer months filling my home with fresh flowers from the garden which can’t help but brighten the place up, like this…

….but as autumn approaches and the garden is put to bed I still want to have flowers and foliage around the house. That’s where faux flowers play their part. There are so many realistic ones available that you can literally have the essence of summer in your home the whole year round. I actually like to pick faux flowers that fit with the seasons, so autumn blooms such as dahlias, chrysanthemums and hydrangeas can be great to gather in a display.

Adding lots of greenery is also the key to ensuring the flowers really stand out. It also helps to make them look more realistic!

If you’re local to Derbyshire be sure to check out the beautiful faux flower market at local Fairways garden centres. You will be spoilt for choice – guaranteed!

When it comes to green, I also like to wear it!

There’s a new item of knitwear that has recently become a favourite in my wardrobe. It’s green, its softer than soft and its made by the very successful fashion brand, Brora … a British brand renowned for their luxury knitwear.

If you’re not familiar with the Brora brand you may be interested to know that the company was founded by Victoria Stapleton, who created the company after her family had been involved with Hunters of Brora, a 100 year old tweed mill in Scotland. The Brora business is 100% privately owned and the focus is determinedly ‘Buy British’.

A lot of their knitwear comprises of cashmere pieces, all made in Scotland to the highest of standards. Importantly, Brora are not about fast fashion. Brora believe that people should buy fewer items, but with a focus on quality so that they will last. They want their garments to be enjoyed season after season, year after year! Therefore, their pieces are timeless and versatile.

I have fallen in love with Brora’s mohair crew neck cardigan (available in a variety of beautiful colours, all of which are inspired by nature). It’s not just the beautiful Moss colour I love – it’s the yarn too! Knitted with the very best mohair, the yarns are blended using various shades to create depth and texture.

Mohair wool actually comes from the angora goat, not the Angora rabbit (from which we get Angora wool). It’s soft, lightweight, warm and has a beautiful lustre to it…

Mohair round neck cardigan @Brora
Jewellery from the Coast Tumble collection @KitHeathJewellery

The cardigan is a great shape and length, perfect for wearing with skirts or over dresses. Wear it with your favourite stripe tee or camisole with a pair of jeans for a more laid back, casual look. Mohair is a great insulator, even though it’s lightweight, so it’s the perfect layering piece for autumn!

Mohair round neck cardigan in Moss @Brora

This year is definitely proving to be a difficult one for everyone. No-one has been able to escape the pandemic, which has affected all our lives in one way or another, some tragically. Who would have thought that face masks would become a necessity to our day to day lives? It’s clear that everyone must ‘do their bit’ to stop the virus spreading further. Face masks and social distancing are so important, now more than ever. Thanks to the clever people at Brora and the beautiful floral fabrics @Liberty there are a beautiful collection of Liberty print face masks now available that will compliment your wardrobe …

Liberty Print @Brora face mask

… and on that note, keep well, stay safe and thanks for reading! x

Mohair round neck cardigan in Moss @Brora & Liberty Print @Brora face mask @Brora (Ad/Pr Gift) / Coast Tumble jewellery @KitHeathJewellery (Ad / Part of current paid partnership)

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