A Forever coat @ReallyWildClothing …

This autumn I’ll be wrapping up in some of my favourite ‘forever’ pieces from ‘Really Wild Clothing’ … if you’re not familiar with the brand you soon will be!

When I refer to ‘forever’ pieces I mean those that you will wear year after year, thanks to their timeless quality, style and versatility.

The onset of autumn makes me reach for cosy knitwear and warm woollen tweeds …. a few of the many things that makes this season my favourite!

The Dalston coat, a classic shaped coat crafted from 100% pure new wool tweed in an orange and sky-blue plaid, is perfect for autumn strolls underneath a canopy of trees with their russet leaves.

Its single-breasted, relaxed straight cut makes it the perfect style to throw on over your favourite pair of jeans or cords with chunky knits.

It can be paired with floral print dresses (personally I love a print clash – florals and plaids work for me!).

Or reach for wide leg cords, heritage tweed trousers, or even a wide pair of sequin ones with cosy knits and you have the perfect autumn outfit!

An investment piece should go with a number of things you already have in your wardrobe. It should be something you can reach for on a range of occasions and still feel special when you wear it. It’s fair to say that the Dalston coat does just that.

It’s incredible how many different colours the orange and sky-blue plaid works with. If you thought you could only wear it with the colours within the plaid, think again! I’ve pulled out a selection of knitwear from my wardrobe, in an array of colours, to show you what I mean…

The pink emphasises the sky-blue within the plaid …
RoseMarl cable knit extrafine luxry wool rollneck @ReallyWildClothing
Brighter colours help to bring out the orange within the plaid …
Cashmere mix Contrast yoke crew neck in orange @Reallywildclothing
A sky blue knit also brings out the blue contrasted against the orange felt collar…
Cashmere mix Contrast yoke crew neck in royal blue @ReallyWildClothing
Worn with a rich moss green the colours blend more subtly…
Moss cable neck rollneck @ReallyWildClothing
A powder blue knit also sits beautifully …
Cashmere classic crew neck in pale blue @ReallyWildClothing
A more vibrant option ….
Coral ribbed boxy cashmere rollneck @Reallywildclothing
And finally, a chunky, soft lambswool navy rollneck, also from the Really Wild collection.
Navy lambswool rollneck @reallywildclothing

You could even try mixing things up with colourful rainbow stripes ….

Cashmere stripe ribbed crew neck @ReallyWildClothing

Its not just the quality of the tweed and tailoring that makes this coat so special, its the attention to detail. The contrasting colour of the button holes, the orange under collar felt and the beautiful blue satin lining all help to make this coat something rather special. They say ‘It’s these extra clever playful details that ensure timeless is never boring. We may be serious about what we do, but we never forget to have fun doing it‘ …..

It’s always good to know the background of a brand, to understand the ethos of the company and learn a little about what inspires them to create the collections they do …. so here goes …..

Really Wild Clothing was founded in 2002 by Natalie Lake, who amazingly also designs all the collections. The designs are a reflection of her own life, which constantly takes her from country to city and back again. The collections are inspired by the countryside but remain versatile in their use, adapting to both country and city life. Natalie’s inspiration is evident in every collection; timeless, modern styles that are rich in British heritage – this extends to not just the style but also to the fabrics and colour palettes.

Natalie originally studied interior architecture, which is where her love of fine design stemmed from. However it was fashion that became her real passion, leading to the creation of the beautiful brand ‘Really Wild Clothing’.

Each garment is made to last. Quality and versatility is imperative to each item making them worth the investment. Their tweed and knitwear is of the highest quality, produced in Scotland by generations of highly skilled craftsmen, thus helping to protect traditions and support techniques that have been mastered for many years.

Being a sustainable brand is key for Really Wild. Every aspect from the mills and factories, through to the fabric sourcing and manufacturing and even in the delivery of the product to the customers is monitored closely ensuring sustainability at every level.

The collections this autumn showcase a beautiful array of tweeds, knitwear (some of which you’ll have seen earlier) and silks in a gorgeous palette of colours inspired by the countryside. The colour palette truly reflects the delights of autumn…

If you’re going to invest in something special to wear this season then the new autumn collection @reallywildclothing could be the answer!

Lovat Tan pure new wool tweed Dalston coat & Navy lambswool roll neck jumper @ReallyWildClothing Ad/PRGift

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