The utility jacket edit …

It's fair to say that a khaki utility jacket is another one of those 'essential' items we all need in our wardrobe. When spring eventually arrives and we finally put our thick winter coats away we'll all be wanting lighter weight alternatives that are versatile and easy to wear with the rest of our wardrobe.... Continue Reading →

The basket bag edit …

If you thought basket bags were a trend that came and went you'd be wrong. They're still around and more popular than ever for 2018. Back in the 60s and 70s straw bags earned an iconic status thanks to the likes of Jane Birkin & Brigitte Bardot. The straw bag was the perfect accessory to... Continue Reading →

The denim jacket edit ….

With Spring hopefully not too far away we can start to put some of our bulkier and warmer winter coats away .... fingers crossed! With that in mind it's time to start thinking what jacket or coat will take their place. Blazers are definitely an option and again I've built up quite a collection of... Continue Reading →

Boho vibes …

As the new Spring styles emerge an ongoing trend for balloon sleeves, statement cuffs and intricate embroidery is evident .... it appears that our love for the Vyshvanka inspired blouse is still prevalent and very much a part of this season's must have items. The Vyshvanka, a traditional piece of Ukranian national costume, has been... Continue Reading →

Stripes … that sparkle!

At this time of year it's easy to overlook stripes in favour of full-on sparkle, glitter and anything else that is sure to dazzle. Stripes are usually our 'go to' pieces ... fail-safe, classic and extremely easy to work into our existing wardrobe. The bretons and stripes we already own can be easily dressed up... Continue Reading →

She wore red velvet

When you fall head over heels in love with a red dress that is: a) totally un-affordable; or b) sold out, .... then the next best thing to do is go on the search for something similar and within budget! After spying the stunning red velvet 'Sabina one-shoulder dress' by Colombian designer Johanna Ortiz on... Continue Reading →

Bag those sequins ….

Glittery shoes, sparkly earrings, shimmery skirts .... I've written blogs on all of these topics; and now it's time to shine the light on sequin bags.  Whether it's for a night out or just to carry our daytime things about, we all need one. It's fair to say I've got quite a collection ..... it's... Continue Reading →

Shimmer and shine in sequins

Sequins.... they tick all the boxes when it comes to looking for something shiny, sparkly, shimmery and they are sure to make a statement. At this time of the year what could be better? Sequins can definitely add a 'wow factor' to your outfit when styled correctly. I'm a great believer in wearing sparkle at any... Continue Reading →

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