Love it … wear it!

Our obsession with slogan tops is far from over ... in fact it appears that there is a huge amount of 'love'ย out there for this trend - quite literally. Whether you are opting for a chunky knit, a Breton stripe or a basic tee you can't help but fall in 'love'ย with what is on offer... Continue Reading →

All that glitters …

With the onset of autumn you get the feeling that winter is fast approaching. The darker mornings and dull days - need I say any more?! That sparkle that the summer sunshine gave us might be beginning to fade but it doesn't mean its gone for good. That's when, like magpies, we become drawn to... Continue Reading →

Crushing on pink shoes and denim

Take a pair of pink shoes and twin them with your favourite denim jeans and you've got the perfect combination.       See what I mean! ๐Ÿ’• Pink shoes and denim .... a match made in heaven. Right now pink and denim couldn't be much hotter. If you're looking in your wardrobe and staring... Continue Reading →

For the love of lace

I have a wardrobe full of lace tops and dresses - embroidered, frilly, long sleeve, short sleeve ... the list goes on! "Do I need another lace top?" I asked myself. In response to that question the answer was YES! It was love at first sight when I saw this pretty lace sleeveless top from... Continue Reading →

Forever comfort!

We might be about to embark on our summer holidays, but it doesn't stop us getting a little bit excited about the new styles from the autumn collections that are starting to trickle through to the shops and online. I believe that if you see something you really love you should get it ... nothing... Continue Reading →

The shape of summer

When it comes to finding essential items for your summer wardrobe flowing dresses and skirts might immediately come to mind - but don't overlook the slouchy wide leg trouser. The perfect trouser shape for the summer months ahead has to be a loose flowing wide leg trouser - it ticks the boxes. Its billowy shape... Continue Reading →

Spotted in the Boden sale…

It's raining, it's pouring! Whileย we can't be outside enjoying everything that summer has to offer we might as well be finding some summer bargains to wear when the sun finally does decide to put in an appearance again! If it's polka dots and spots you're searching for thenย look no further than the Boden sale. As... Continue Reading →

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