The basket bag edit …

If you thought basket bags were a trend that came and went you’d be wrong. They’re still around and more popular than ever for 2018.

Back in the 60s and 70s straw bags earned an iconic status thanks to the likes of Jane Birkin & Brigitte Bardot. The straw bag was the perfect accessory to their effortlessly stylish approach to fashion.

Not much has changed in terms of the desirability of basket bags – the fashionistas of today wouldn’t be seen without one during the spring and summer months!

Spring is the perfect time to accessorise your outfit with something a little more seasonal like a straw bag. You need to be planning in spring, as come summer all the best ones will have sold out (if last year was anything to go by).

It’s an accessory that is most definitely NOT confined to days at the beach! Invest in a basket bag and it will soon become one of your most used and most stylish items. In terms of complimenting your summer wardrobe I really couldn’t think of a more perfect item to do so. Think of the summer and white flowing dresses, denim cutoffs and white embroidered blouses … combine these with a basket bag and you have a failsafe look!

And for those days when only a Breton and jeans will do …..


For individuality, try accessorising your basket with a colourful scarf …

…. and for the ultimate personal touch, monogramming is a must!

I’ve narrowed down a selection of what I consider to be the most stylish bags around, the only problem is that you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Rosa cross body straw bag £32 @monsoon
Straw circle bag (available in 2 colours ) £49 @otherstories
Barbar straw cross body bag £24 @topshop
Rafia effect tote bag £25.99 @zara 
Black tassel stripe woven straw basket bag £35 @riverisland
Straw bag with rounded handles £29.99 @zara 
Sequin stripe straw basket bag £70 (available in gold or silver) @aspigabeach 
Monogrammed straw basket £165 @raefeather
Pom pom straw basket bag (available in 2 colours) £37
Red striped pom pom bag £35 @nextofficial 
Sequin pineapple straw bag £35 @sosouk
Rectangle basket bag £89 @woodgrey
Raffia cross body bag £29.99 @zara 
Shelly straw basket bag £26 @topshop

Thanks for reading & happy shopping ! x

(main image and style inspo photos @pinterest)

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