Stepping out in colour …

Is it just me or does the imminent arrival of spring make you want to add some colour to your wardrobe. Blue sky and sunshine gets me thinking about all things colourful…especially SHOES!

My shoe collection is already pretty colourful but it doesn’t ever stop me dreaming about (and buying) more …

There are so many gorgeous colours and styles to choose from at the moment but if you are the type of person that likes to make your shopping experience easy then NEXT  have most things covered when it comes to adding some colour to your feet. Their ‘Brands At NEXT’ selection also offers a great choice of colour.

Those of you that follow me on Instagram will already know that I fell in love with their Signature Ruffle suede styles in a vibrant pink and gorgeous denim blue shade earlier this year – I couldn’t resist! They have certainly come up trumps again when it comes to adding colour to their latest spring collection!

I’ve picked out a selection from their current range and added a few helpful tips to get you started on what to wear with them. Once you’ve started wearing coloured shoes you’ll soon see that your black ones start to gather dust!

Red shoes


Red shoes add interest to any outfit and can be as versatile as any black or neutral coloured shoe. If you don’t already own a pair, do, and then you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get them.  Avoid wearing red shoes with a red outfit… if you’re wearing red shoes you really do want them to stand out! Red looks particularly great with navy, white, grey, denim and black. I adore red with stripes, so if you’re a stripe obsessive like me you’ll have no problem in making red shoes work for you too.  (Image via Pinterest)

Red suede Signature frill heels £42 @nextofficial
Red leather peep toe slingbacks £55 @nextofficial 
Red leather slingbacks £38 @nextofficial 

Orange shoes


What better way to bring any blue outfit to life than adding it’s complimentary colour, orange, to the mix. Worn with blue, the vibrancy of the orange is accentuated and creates an eye catching  outfit.

Orange suede sling back pointed flats £38 @nextofficial
Orange midheel sling backs £35 @nextoffical 
Stripe suede court shoe £150 @BrandsAtNext


Yellow shoes 


Make your own sunshine!  Yellow is such a happy, cheerful colour and people love to see yellow. You can’t go wrong wearing yellow shoes especially if you are pairing them with blue or white. You only have to look at the image above (via Pinterest) to see that yellow and denim are another match made in heaven. For a really fresh look try pairing yellow with green!

Yellow Citrine skinny strap sandals £32 @nextofficial
Yellow pointed shoe boots £38 @nextofficial


Green shoes 


Ignore the ‘Blue and Green should never be seen’ myth … they work wonders together! Try Dark blue denim twinned with a navy and white Breton stripe or crisp white blouse and then add green shoes. It’s simple but will look effortlessly stylish! .  (Image via Pinterest)

Green Angelica T-bar heel £120 @BrandsAtNext


Blue shoes


You really can’t go wrong with blue shoes, they look great with neutrals, black, white … in fact the list is almost endless but the the thing to avoid is trying to match your clothing exactly to the shade of your shoes. Blue shoes work best when worn with a shade or two darker or a total opposite.

Blue glam wrap sandal £35 @nextofficial 
Blue suede ruffle Signature shoe boots £85 @nextofficial 
Blue two part court £100 @BrandsAtNext
Blue Latricia espadrilles wedge £100 @BrandsAtNext


Pink shoes 


Whether it’s a vibrant pink or a softer blush tone, pink is on trend. A soft pale pink pair can become the new neutral in your wardrobe, that goes with so many different looks. Alternatively, go vibrant and choose a stronger pink as a statement. When wearing prints that contain pink trying wearing a pink shoes that will really emphasise the colour of the print.

Pink suede Signature Ruffle pointed sling backs £50 @nextofficial


Pink two part strap velvet points £30 @nextofficial 
Bright pink kitten heels £30 @nextofficial
Pink scalloped peep toe heels £45 @BrandsAtNext 
Blush pink cone mules £30 @nextofficial
Pink block heel ankle strap sandals £35 @nextofficial 

Coloured shoes are definitely a ‘must have thing for spring’!

Happy Shopping! xx

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  1. I have a pair of red and a pair of yellow shoes [ and tonnes of leopard print] I’m very tempted by green and pink ones. Next are really knocking it out of the shop arent they – some beautiful shoes x


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