How to sparkle … during the day!

With Christmas fast approaching it’s hard not to notice all the shops filling with sparkle and glitter. If, like me, you’re a bit of a magpie drawn towards sparkle, you will no doubt have quite a few items already twinkling in your wardrobe.

Image via Pinterest

I’m a firm believer that sequins and glitter aren’t just for Christmas or the hours after dark. I like nothing more than adding a little bit of sparkle to my daily wardrobe wherever possible. Mixing it up with everyday pieces can give your wardrobe a whole new feel. It might be some subtle sparkle in the form of a glittery belt or more overtly twinkly like my current favourite ‘gorgeous glitter heels’ (that’s the actual name Topshop have given them by the way … and I couldn’t have named them better myself!) . Glittery heels or flats worn with denim throughout the day is a look that oozes style & quirkiness.  They definitely catch an eye or two during daylight hours!


2 pk Skinny glitter belts @NEXT £10
Gorgeous glitter heels @Topshop £49

A favourite accessory of mine, which I’ve had for years, is a skinny sequin scarf. It manages to add instant glamour without looking overdone.


Accessorize always offer a great selection of sparkle in the lead up to Christmas and this  year is no exception. Their sequin chevron scarf helps to effortlessly add a little bit of style and works brilliantly paired with denim, a basic Tee or chunky knit.

Sequin chevron scarf @Accessorize £15

Sequins and glitter during the day don’t need to be limited to shoes and accessories. Embellished tshirts are on trend and when stripes, glitter prints and sequins are combined it’s a match made in heaven!

Sequin slogan stripe tee @Zara £15.99
Glitter spot Breton @Boden £34.50
Stripe sequin top @ASOS white £65

We all want our clothes to be ‘easy to wear’ and versatile. Try styling your sparkly items with trainers and you’ll instantly find that it makes them more wearable throughout the day.  The same item can immediately be transformed in the evening with a pair of heels. You’ll find that those items you once thought were just for evenings will now see the light of day.

Glitter pleated skirt @Mango £29.99
Green glitter pleated skirt @NEXT £35


If you’re only just coming round to the idea of  adding some sparkle into your daytime wardrobe I suggest to try twinning it with denim. Sparkle and denim work – give it a go!


Image via Pinterest

There couldn’t be a better time to start adding a few twinkly bits to your wardrobe … and remember, sparkles are for everyday life – not just for Christmas!  💫

Happy shopping! X

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